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Flex Time Informational Letter
Posted On:
Monday, November 27, 2017


Comes to

Odenville Middle

Dear Parents,

The Flex schedule is a change we are making in the school day, starting November 27, 2017, and is designed to support student instruction. We have a certain amount of time (7:45 am to 2:58 pm) to focus on student learning. It’s what we do to maximize the time during the instructional day that makes the difference. OMS will be restructuring advisory time to provide interventions plus enrichment activities.

It will be a time during the school day for ALL students to receive enhanced instruction with individual teachers. We will be targeting reading and math instruction. Our goal is to increase student success by giving students extra support and multiple ways to learn a concept. Our teachers will spend time re-teaching difficult-to-master concepts and skills.  

Homeroom will now start at 7:40 and 1st period at 7:45. The tardy bell will ring at 7:50.

1st -5th period times will be adjusted by approximately 5 minutes to make time for a 30 minute Flex time between 5th and 6th period.

½ of the school will go to lunch at 12:00 and have Flex time at 12:30.

The other ½ will have Flex time at 12:00 and lunch at 12:30.

Every teacher in the school will have a Flex group. There will be no homework and no tests during this Flex time, only in-depth, targeted instruction.

Flex time instruction will always take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We will follow the same schedule on Wednesdays, but we will use that day for Advisory or study hall.

This schedule was devised in response to the many requests from parents for extra tutoring, and from our own observations of the diverse needs of our students. We anticipate that prompt, directed intervention will result in increased student achievement and fewer failures. Feel free to contact any teacher or administrator with questions or comments. We believe the flexibility in this focused instructional time will allow us to best meet the needs of all students.


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