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LP 12/19/18  

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend and snow/ weather days following!

Tomorrow we will be working on Sacred Writing time.

I will also be reading the first two chapters of Wednesday Wars to the classes.

My FLEX classes will be doing silent sustained reading from their independent reading books!

LP 1/4-1/12  

All lesson plans are tentative

Students will work on Membean for vocabulary instruction throughout the week.

Students will begin typing their personal narratives. They are due Wednesday, Jan. 10.

Students will work on Sacred Writing time an DGP daily We will begin an intro to the 1960s anfd illusions this week to start the discussion of our next nove;, The Wednesday Wars, which I will begin reading aloud in class this week.


Instead of having each portion of the personal narrative worth 100 points each I have decided to make the first draft of the beginning (with editing/ peer editing sheet, brainstorming, and planning) worth 50 points. The first draft of the middle and edit (with the editing/ revision and peer editing sheet) will be worth 25 points. The first draft of the end (with the editing/ peer editing sheet) will also be worth 25 points. The entire first draft with all it's parts and editing sheets will be worth 100 points total. The final draft will be worth 100 points total and will be graded with a rubric (which students will see ahead of time). Students may come to me for questions or help on writing. The beginning with all it's components are due Wednesday, December 12.


I will allow students to share their Sacred Writing time and I will come around to look for at least 5 entries for 100 points.

Students will take a DGP quiz sometime this month for 100 points.

We will  have a Membean test next Thursday, December 14. But due to the field trip and the short week on the last week prior to Winter break we will only have one Membean test this month. I will check the progress this week and next week.


Announcements and LP 12/4-12/8  


School officially now starts at 7:45 due to the FLEX schedule. Please have your student on time.

We have been having issues with frequent absenteeism. I completely understand that students get sick (teachers, unfortunately, do as well), but many students that have been absent frequently have not been asking for make up work . If they have they have yet to turn in any make up work. If a student is absent and has not turned in make up work to me by end of the 9 weeks I will have to put in zeroes. 

Report cards and progress reports: Students are supposed to bring home these items, have you sign them, and return them to their homeroom teacher ASAP. I have been having issues with students never returning these to me. I am unsure if parents/ gaurdians are even seeing these if they never return them to me signed. Please make sure you send back progress reports and report cards with your student promptly!

Supplies: I understand it's late in the semester, but I have had a lot of students asking for school supplies from me. I have been providing pencils, paper, folders, notebooks, tape, pencil sharpeners, and sharpies. I wish I had an endless supply of these items, but I do not. Please ask your students of their supply needs and provide them to them, or take them on your next shopping trip to Dollar General or Dollar Tree! I want all of my students to be successful, but they are unable to do so if they do not have the supplies they need for my class.

Zeroes: If your student has zeroes they may be assigned the following: silent lunch, lunch detention, ISS, or Saturday School. Students who do this work during these times and turn them in after their deadlines may not recieve full credit for their work. If you recieve an individual progress report from me regarding your student's grade please sign it and send it back with your student. I am trying to stay on top of low grades in this 9 weeks. 

Folder Checks: I will be doing several folder checks in December. If your student has been unorganized it may effect his or her grade negatively. Students are expected to keep up with DGP, Sacred Writing time, and their personal narratives. 

FLEX: Flex time was designed to create time for tutoring for students at no cost to parents. We built this into our school day to make our students more successful. Students that waste FLEX time talking, goofing off, playing, horseplaying, being defiant, or being disrespectul will be sent to the office and written up for wasting Flex time. 

Classroom behavior: I have been noticing a lot of disrespectful and defiant behavior in my classroom, in the halls, and in the lunchroom. December is considered "crunch" time for grading and instruction. You may recieve a phone call, text, or email from me if your student is misbehaving in my class (or perhaps if they are behaving exceptionally well and need to be recognized). By this time of the year i will begin writing students up. Consequences could include one or more of the following: a call/ email home, silent lunch, lunch detention in the office, Saturday School, or ISS. I will also happily come early or stay late for morning or afternoon detetion if need be. I will go over my expectations and rules again with classes, however, me being "Mrs. Nice Teacher" is over, and students will be held responsible for their actions.

Grades: WE will be having many many many grades put in during the month of December. We wil have many very large grades being put in as well. Please check INow or email me if you have any questions. Low grades on small classroom assignments and/or homework should not negatively effect your child too much. Blank grades indicate the student was absent or did not turn in an assigment. Some students will be allowed to make up with for excused absences or other reasons. Our personal narrative project will be worth a total of 400 points with each section being graded as well as the final draft (which should be almost free of grammatical and spelling errors after all the revising and editing we will do in class and with peers). Our DGP folder check will be worth 100 points. Our Sacred Writing time check will be worht 100 points. Our Membean tests just this month will add up to 200 points. We will have one more " Membean progress report" worth 30 points. That's a total of 830 points on tests, classroom, writing, DGP, and Sacred Writing time that can help your student or break your student grade wise. Please be sure your student is doing what they need to do, staying organized, and keeping up with all of their classroom.

LP 12/4-12/8:

Lesson Plans are tentative and created for planning purposes. These plans may change.

We will be working on Sacred Writing time every day. We will continue another week of DGP. We will continue Weekly Writer with our Personal Narratives. We may have time to sprinkle in a little bit of grammar instruction as well. We will be working on editing/ revising the beginning of our personal narratives as well as planning, drafting, and editing the middle of our personal narratives. This will be worth a total of 400 points total!


Announcements and LP 11/27-12/1  


 On Monday 11/27/17 we started a new schedule which includes "Flex" time which provides additional math and reading intervention for all students. We now start homeroom at 7:40 and first period starts at 7:45. Please make sure your child is here at 7:45 so they do not miss any instructional time. Homeroom and some classes will be slightly shortened to make time for FLEX. Students will go to lunch with their flex teacher between 5th and 6th periods. The rest of their schedule should remain the same.

Wednesdays we will have the same schedule unless it is a "late start". Instead of having advisory with Homeroom, we will have Advisory with our Flex classes. Students will still go to lunch with with their Flex teachers that day.

We will have a Membean Test on Thursday, December 1.

Gifted students: I do my best to keep Friday a "Grade free" day so that gifted students do not miss anything that will effect their grade. My goal is to have Friday as a review or a day for students to catch up or do Membean practice. I keep my Friday DGP (Daily Grammar Practice) diagram on the board for the next week for students who miss it on Friday.

 All Lesson plans are tentative and are made for planning purposes. These plans may change.

Lesson Plan 11/27-12/1: Last week we started brainstorming personal narratives. This week we will continue Sacred Writing time and Daily Grammar Practice everyday. This week we are starting Weekly Writer, which is a subscription through the school. Students will watch writing instruction by a professional writer as a model.  We will be working on personal narratives in a step by step basis through Weekly Writer. Weekly Writer also includes grammar instruction. We will also be doing our vocabulary instruction on this week. We will have a MEMBEAN test on Thursday, November 30. Students can access Membean from home, from their phone, or tablets.

Announcements and LP 11/13-11/17  

Monday progress reports went home. Please sign your student's progress report and have them return them to their homeroom teacher. If you have any questions about any grades or assignments please let me know.


 We will be starting a new schedule on Monday after Thanksgiving Break. We will be starting class at 7:45 instead of 8:00 everyday to make time for our Flex schedule, which will give students additional time for remediation or enrichment. Flex classes are in the middle of the day between 4th and 5th period. Flex classes will go to lunch with their flex teacher.


This week we will be working on Sacred Writing time. I will be checking Sacred Writing time notebooks this week for a grade. Students will work on Daily Grammar Practice every day. We will continue Membean training daily. I am introducing students to narrative writing this week as well. Over the next few weeks we will be working on narrative writing. We will have a Membean test when we return from Thanksgiving break.

Announcements and LP 10/23-27  

Report cards went home last Thursday, October 19. Students should return them to their homeroom teacher ASAP. Students should have also given you a school/parent compact form. It needs to be signed by you and your student and turned into their homeroom teacher ASAP. This is necessary for all Title 1 schools. This Thursday 10/26 at 9:30 we will have a Reptile show at OMS. Students that wish to attend should pay later in the week. This week is Red Ribbon Week. Monday Wear Red, 
Tuesday: wear crazy/ mismatching socks, Wednesday: wear sunglasses, Thursday: wear neon, Friday: wear team jerseys. We will also have parent conferences on 10/30/17. Daylight savings time ends (Fall Back) Sunday, November 5, set your clocks back an hour!

We will have a Membean test on Thursday, October 19. I will allow students to study the words prior to taking the test.

This week we will be reading two articles about dog adoption one is from Pet260 Adoption Center the other is from The New York Times students will write facts and opinions from these articles. On Friday my plan is for us to complete a Socratic Seminar, which is a type of scholarly discussion.

We will work on Sacred Writing time every day as well as Daily Grammar Practice (DGP). I did my first DGP check, which was from the last 9 weeks.

Annoucements and LP October 16-October 19  

We will have an afternoon pep ralley for our football team, cross country team, and our volleyball teams on Tuesday, October 17 in the afternoon. We are excited to cheer on our atheletes and get our football team for their match up against Moody!.

We will have Fall Festival on Friday October 20. Students must have thier permission forms signed to participate in Fall Festival activities. Students will be able to purchase tickets all week, the morning of fall festival, and at fall festial. Most booths will be 1 ticket (equivilant to $1), but some items or booths will be 2 or 3 tickets.

October 23-27; There will be a guest speaker in the gym for the entire school on Monday @ 9:00. Dress up days: Monday- wear red; Tuesday; wear crazy socks; Wednesday: wear sunglasses; Thursday: wear neon clothing; Friday: Team jerseys.   


Reptile Show: October 26 @ 9:30.  Students will have to pay to attend the program. We will be running a regular schedule that day.

Parent Conference Days:

*October 30-6th grade

*October 31 – 7th grade

*November 1 – 8th grade

If you wish to have a conference with your students' teachers please call the school to request to schedule a conference time. Some students may bring home a conferene request, you may recieve a call asking to schedule a conference, and a follow up call to confirm your conference.


This week we will continue working on Sacred Writing time and Daily Grammar Practice every day. I want to go a folder check for both of these for 25 points each this week. This will be their first 9 weeks grades. Students will start working on Membean this week. Students will be assigned a participation grade for the amount of time (45 minutes per week on average) they spend on Membean. We may pick one or two specific words to illustrate for our word wall. Students should expect a Membean test next week. We will work specifically with Prepositional phrases, infintintive phrases, poems, and read artciles about Dog adoption to determine fact vs. opinion. If we have time we may have additional discussion activities.

Parent Contact information survey

Announcement Image for Annoucements  and LP October 16-October 19

Yearbook staff 2017-2018  

I am happy to announce students that made the yearbook staff for the 2017-2018 school year!

I would like to thank all of the applicants for the yearbook staff. The students that made the 2017-18 yearbook staff are as follows:
Carianne Craine
Kathleen Duncan
Aiden Hall
Ta'Mya Knox
Hope Lathem
Brian Parent
Riley Pierce
Shelby Pruitt
Shelby Swaffield
Ian Van De Veer
Our first meeting will be this Thursday, October 5 from 3-4pm. Please make sure you have transportation home!

Fall/ Yearbook Picture Day!  

We will have our Fall/ Yearbook picture day Friday, October 13 in the morning! Be sure your student is photo ready!

Progress Reports, Title I meeting, and OPEN HOUSE  

Progress reports will go out at the end of the day Monday, September 11.

There is a Title I meeting for all parents on Tuesday, Septmber 12 from 5:30- 6 in the Auditorium.

There is an open house for all parents from 6-7 PM in your student's(') academic classrooms.

Please join us!

2018 Yearbook announcements  

I am the yearbook sponsor for Odenville Middle School. This year I plan on having a few 7th and 8th grade students help me collect pictures and put the yearbook together. I will make an announcement for us to meet after school. Students will have to have permission slip signed by parents and arrangements made for a ride to pick them up by 4 pm. The day we will stay after school is TBD.


I am very excited because this year all students and parents can contribute to the yearbook by uploading pictures online or via the APP. You can go to and enter the school code 2018OMSYB or you can download the app HJ eShare for free from Itunes or Andriod stores put in the school code 2018OMSYB. Be sure to include your name, students' names that are featured in the photo(s), your contact information, and a brief description (for example at a game, please let me know what team we are playing). I have found that parents take the best photos and I would love to feature more this year in our yearbook!


I will start selling left over yearbooks from last year for half price ($20) in September. There are not many left! Starting in November I will start the preordering process for yearbooks for 2018. Because our yearbook features end of year activities such as fundraisers, awards day, and 8th grade graduation, yearbooks will be distributed during the following school year in September or October. 8th grade students going into 9th grade next school year will have their yearbooks delivered to SCCHS and distributed to them there. Students that move away will need to arrange a way to pick up their yearbook from the school or send a shipping address to me.

2017 Yearbook announcement  

In light of recent events I have decided to pass out last year's yearbooks early. Any 7th or 8th grade students that ordered a yearbook should get them today. If students do not pick up yearbooks today, I will hold them until they can come get them. I will have a few extra yearbooks for sale for half price from last year at a later date. If you have any concerns please email me or contact the office and I will call you back. Thank you.

Vocabulary Test Monday, August 21  

We will have a vocabulary test on the Unit 1 words on Monday, August 21. Students should all have a copy of the words and definitions. We are working on Vocabulary cards in class (they are homework if they are not completed in class by today, Wednesday, August 16). All the words and definitions are located in the Assignments tab. The vocabulary assignement hand out (which was projected for your student to see in class) is also there in the assignments tab. You will find anything we do in class in that tab.


ANYTHING THAT IS NOT COMPLETED IN CLASS MUST BE FINISHED AT HOME. Students were expected to finish vocabulary cards last night (if time permitted that we got to them yesterday). Check out the assignments page for lesson plans, hand outs, and activities that we are doing in class (and may perhaps be homework).


Please be sure that your student has turned in all of their forms from registration! That includes the application for enrollment, medical forms, code of conduct notice, agenda fprm, free lunch, and residency form). We have been in the process of getting all these forms home and we will need them back as soon as possible! I am happy to print out any forms for students that need them. If you have a printer available you can find them on the OMS website Click the forms link on the left hand of the screen and click to open such forms.


Thank you!

Announcement Image for Forms!


Welcome to 6th grade English! I teach grammar and writing and reading. A few things you may want to know about 6th grade:

1. We change classes. Students will not typically be with the same students throughout the day. Students will have 2 minutes go get to each class. We ask that students use one zip up binder to keep all normal academic subjects within it. Students should not go to their lockers between every period.

2. Wednesdays will be different. Most Wednesdays students should be at school at the regular time. Students will be dismissed from the gym at 7:40 and they will report to Homeroom (for attendance) at 7:45. Homeroom will be from 7:45-8 AM. Students will then be dismissed and will report to their advisory classes (these will be assigned ASAP). Advisory classes have a mix of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. We will be working on character education lessons during advisory. On the last Wednesday of the month we will have a late start. Students that come early will report to the gym during this time, where they will be supervised. Teachers will report to the media center for Professional Development during this time. A finalized schedule will be posted for the Alternate Wednesday schedule ASAP. Schedules will also be posted in all teacher's rooms for students to reference.

3. Students need to be at school and on time every day. Students can easily get behind in several classes if they are absent. Teachers work hard to create engaging lesson plans and really love to have all their students present to participate in them!

4. Sixth graders have to learn responsibility. 6th graders may find it challenging to keep up with homework, projects, assignments, or supplies for class. Sixth grade students are also now expected to keep up with missed work (turned in no later than 2 days- per missed day) after returning from an absence. Students in 6th grade are also challenged with remembering to make up tests and quizzes after returning from an absence. It is now time for your student to learn responsibility of balancing their time and workload. Keep in mind that there are certain "growing pains" that occur during sixth grade and learning how to be responsible, organized, and prepared for school is essential to succeed in sixth grade!

5. Have your student bring home their agenda. Check your student's agendas for homework, upcoming tests and quizzes, and projects. It is difficult to gauge how your student is doing in his/her classes if they never have homework, or claim that they do not. Encourage your student to write down homework in every class so you know and they can keep up with it. There will many times when you student may tell you that they do not have homework! Even if they do not have homework for every class, they will have an upcoming test, project, or quiz to study for, and they will always have reading!

6. If your student struggles with organization encourage them to keep everything in one zip up binder! Because we change classes we do not allow students to leave their supplies in our classes. It  is their responsibility to keep up with their items.Students may feel rushed or and could be late if they attempt to go to their lockers between every period.

7. To keep the cost of supplies down I suggest a weekly run to Dollar Tree. You can get a few things at a time and have them on hand when your student runs out of paper, pencils, or lead. This will help to alleviate the stress of having to make a Walmart Run at 9 PM on a Sunday. You may also want to keep poster board, markers, construction paper, glue, and scissors on hand at your home just in case your student happens to remember a project due on a Monday morning at Sunday night 9 PM. 

8. We all have websites! If you are frustrated with your child not sharing their assignments or important upcoming projects or tests you can relax! We all have websites! We all post our lesson plans on our websites. I typically post my upcoming assignments and tests on this announcements page!

9. You can check your student's grades from home! You can request a log in to INow (our virtual grade book) and access all of your student's grades any time of day 24/7/365! Teachers try to keep all grades updated.

10. If you have any concerns or questions we are phone call or email away!

Announcement Image for WELCOME TO 6th GRADE

In NEED of donations  

I am willing to take any supplies donations you would like to provide! Many of my Homeroom students have already brought in some classroom essentials! Please make sure your student has plenty of pencils and paper throughout the year. Typically those are the supplies that run out the quickest! I am also taking up hand sanitizer, bandaids, tissue, paper towels, Clorox Wipes, dry erase markers (feel free to get fun bright colors), printer paper, Ziplock bags, Construction paper, cinnamon Airwick refills, Elmer's Glue, or 5x7 Notecards! The supply list for my classroom includes: loose leaf paper, 1 composition notebook, 1 pocket folder with brads (I would get plastic because they last longer) with holes already punched, dividers for the binder, and a binder to put everything in (Trapper Keepers are perfect so students can use it for multiple subjects)

Announcement Image for In NEED of donations