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Massey Lesson Plans 5/14/18 through 5/18/18
Due Date: 5/20/2018
Subject: 8th Grade History



Massey Lesson Plans 5/14/18 through 5/18/18

Math Flex- Review Distributive Property, FOIL


Warm Up: Geo connection Pages 541 and 545

PP presentation with primary source analysis- Early Middle Ages- Franks, Anglo-Saxon, and Vikings

Crash Course- the Viking

TSW describe the early people and government of Western Europe.

PP presentation with primary source documents

Guiding question- How does a pope granting a king power help both? Limit?


Warm Up: Geo connection- page 559 and 561

TSW relate the checks and balances of King John’s government to our modern government through analyzing the Magna Carta.

PP presentation with primary source documents- William the Conqueror, Henry II, Magna Carta

King John Decision Activity- From

5/16/18, through 5/17/18

This lesson is designed for two to two and a half days. It is adapted from

TSW- research and describe the daily life of a medieval clergyman, commoner, and noble person through both student and teacher driven webquest.

TSW- compare and contrast the daily life of people of the Medieval Period through a Venn diagram.

Warm Up- Infographic page 552. Day 2-“ Life in a Medieval city” page 555- 2 jots

Students will next be instructed to go to teacher website off of iPad.

Part 1:

Teacher lead with gradual release- - About Clergy- Teacher guides discussion of clergy. - Hearing from a priest- a chosen student reads - monks and nuns- whisper read with a partner

other resources: abbeys manuscripts - wine making

-At the beginning of the lesson the teacher will hand out this handout. Student should read over beforehand- teacher will begin as a we do and allow students to finish in partners.

conclusion: What is a positive/negative about living this lifestyle?

Day 2:

Split class in two groups.

Warm Up: Page 455 2 jots

Group will get into homogeneous groupings per topic (commoners or wealthy elite)

Groups will divided resources up among group members. Group members will add two more categories (ex. Marriage) their worksheet and use a resource found on the internet. Teacher will approve website. Teacher will also give a short introduction to both categories before starting.

Commoners’ Resources life

Farming images:




Jobs: click through the jobs blacksmith manorial management - primary source primary source- dialogue


Wealthy Elite Resources:

Pre-asses this activity- How do you think people dressed in this time period? - Image- King Louis- How are they dressed? - coronation of ermine collar- what book is the kneeling person holding

Nobility: young couple getting engaged. nobles riding robes, gowns, stockings, headgear

What is in the background? Why are there musicians in the first picture? What animals do they see in the second? Explain that the constellations appearing in the heavens relate to the months of the year depicted in the images (April and May) exchanged stockings why? modern depiction of a knight

Entertainment: “Greensleeves” on a lute hunting manners for children Description of a festival

Castle resources:

Describe the architectural features that you see. interactive castle website

Students must add two more categories to their worksheet. (ex- women, marriage, knights)


Students will lastly jigsaw and teach other students about their findings in their categories.

Students will draw conclusions by creating a Venn diagram involving all three major categories.


Warm Up: Read “The Role of Religion in Everyday Life”, The Challenge of Heresy”, and Anti-Semitism in the Middle Ages” – 2 Jots per section page 568-569

PP Presentation- the Crusades

Complete Bubble map of European Culture and the Church