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Dragonfly Instructions


This is a 20 minute (or less) process. Please follow these instructions.

If you would like video instructions, please CLICK HERE. 

If your child already has a DragonFly profile, please log in using those credentials and skip the first 10 steps. Please do not create a new profile. You can recover your password using DragonFly’s help.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Sign Up for Free” in the middle of the page.
  3. Enter your name (parent name) and use your cell phone number or email address. We suggest your phone number because the email gets lost in a lot of filters.
  4. You will receive a verification message with an ID.
  5. You will have to accept the terms of service.
  6. Click to connect to a school and choose “Parent” as your role.
  7. Choose Alabama and search for Odenville Middle or enter the school code: WU5N5F
  8. Click “Add a Child” and enter their name.
  9. Search for the school again.
  10. Click all the sports your child intends to play and submit.
  11. Click “Submit Paperwork.”
  12. Where it says “Prep for 2022-2023,” click “Get Started.”
  13. Begin with the Medical Demographic. You will need your child’s insurance card.
  14. As you answer each question, the numbers in the red boxes at the top will decrease. When they have counted down completely, go to the next section.
  15. You only have to answer required questions (Not everything about immunization/vaccination questions)
  16. Complete each step in order.
  17. You will complete the first four sections and the final six sections. We will enter the Physical Examination, Birth Certificate, and NFHS Sportsmanship Certificate. Feel free to submit a photo of the back page of the Physical, Birth Certificate, and Sportsmanship Certificate if you have it handy. 
  18. When you finish the last section, you should see that the profile is at least 73% complete (8 out of 11 Completed). It could be higher for various reasons. If you submit the Birth Certificate, or if you are updating a profile from a previous season, you could see up to 100% complete.
eligibility screenshot