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Target with arrows

Archery tryouts for the 2022-2023 are held on December 8-15, 2022 at OMS.  There will be a $100 archery fee for any archer who makes the team.  Bows are supplied if you do not have one of your own.

Congratulations to all who made the team.  I wanted to incorporate archers from every grade to ensure we will have successful years/teams in the future.

Team Roster:

6th Grade

Allen, Selena

Barnes, Brayden

Evangelista, Madelyn

Falletta, Jayven

Garrett, Jaelyn

Haynes, Addilyne

Kaley, Nathaniel

Logan, Aidan

Meadows, Hunter

Morris, Anborlyn

Moser, Elam

Nichols, Caden

Payne, Ricky

Pearce, Brunner

Price, Gavin

Quintana, Yahir

Robertson, Cameron (Ash)

Stewart, Brandi

Thrasher, Gunner

Tucker, Halle

7th Grade

Baldus, Aslyn

Haynes, Dixie

Morefield, Avery

Quintana, Dominic

Strickland, Olivia

White, Keyanndra

8th Grade

Belyeu, Fisher

Contreras, Jonas

Horsley, CJ

Jarvis, Lily

Johnston, Lilli

Jones, Michaela

Moore, Harmonie

Rothrock, Shane

Smith, Ian

Ware, Alissa