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Beta Club

As members of National Beta and as a citizen of our community, state, and nation, we believe in and shall strive to promote the principles of:


Knowing that honesty is necessary to the formation of good character, and that the principles of honesty dictate that we not only refrain from acts of dishonesty: but that we perform our duties fully and take advantage of the opportunities afforded us by our circumstances.


Believing that it is only right and proper that we should be just and fair in our dealings: that we should condemn no one without giving a chance to defend themselves; and that we should consider all factors before forming an opinion of another's motives, or before passing judgement upon others' actions.


Being convinced that the rendering of helpful services is a duty and privilege conferred upon us by our forebears and by our environment and that we can attain lasting satisfaction only by rendering such service to the best of our ability.


Knowing that we must work closely and in a friendly manner with others in this day of highly organized social and economic endeavor; and that we must respect authority and strive at all times to be dependable - if we are to be of greatest helpfulness to society.


Believing that full happiness is possible only through full acceptance of responsibility for our actions and for preserving and passing our rich inheritance on to coming generations.


Being aware of the fact that - if we are to be factors for progress in our community and a real help to our associates - our minds must be alert to understand and our hands ready to perform promptly and fully the tasks that come our way.


Being convinced that humbleness of psirit is the only proper attitude for us to maintain in our relation with our associates, and that such spirit and attitude will make for our own peace of mind and for the well-being of those with whom we come in contact.


Knowing that if we are - tolerant in our appraisal of the ideas of others' generous in the use of our worldly assets; considerate of the rights of others; courteous in our actions towards all alike; gentle in our efforts to correct errors in others; kind in the exercise of our duties - we shall then be better able to contribute to the happiness of ourselves and others.